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Some of you may know Katrine Elliott from her previous presentations to the Gold Coast early years teachers over the past 20 years in supporting children, families and professionals who live in the Gold Coast and surrounding Brisbane and Northern New South Wales Community. Formally known as Optimal Communications Speech Pathology, we have now birthed a new face to our professional business,

Once Upon a Time Therapy  

Where dreams are designed”

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Speech Pathology services to the Gold Coast region

The change has been in line with the opening of our new purpose built wonderland clinic, that looks more like a castle than a clinic. We are now located at Jackman Trade Centre, Southport (near Abrakadazzle-or St Hilda’s School). Our therapy centre features themed speech therapy rooms based on the fairy tales of the past making therapy fun and memorable for the kids. Each room also has one-way parent viewing windows for observations during their child’s session. Launching from the start of term 3- 2014, we kicked of “Club Yicketty Yak-Getting Talking on track” (www.clubyicketty yak.com) being our Group Speech Therapy for children with speech, language and communication impairments. Held over a 3 hours morning period between 9 am -12 noon for a 10 week period, the group is held in our two story Club House attached to our Mad Hatters Art and Craft Room. Families are able to observe the group from above in the Genie Bottle which has two large one way mirrors to make viewing like the experience from the eyes of an eagle. Parents are also provided with handover, a training seminar series and home therapy pack to enable the children to gain the best benefits from the specialized speech pathology group.

If you are unable to visit the centre due to working hours or locality being outside the Gold Coast region, we have now launched our online Speech Pathology service.

NO obstacle to our support is our MOTTO

at Once Upon a Time Therapy where distance, finances, convenience with time and access to a professional are some of the barriers that stop people gaining what they or their child needs in regard sto communication consultation and therapy.


Call our centre at (07) 55 28 2222 to book an appointment.

We offer a 15 minute free consultation over the phone to support you with your assessment and treatment inquiries.


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